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i like oodle

Asif, 03 Apr 2019

Love oodles, go to choice every time

Zaffar, 31 Mar 2019

Excellent service

Naqeeba, 12 Mar 2019

Top service this is why I like oodles

Hackeem, 03 Mar 2019

Not to bothered on the cooking time so long my food is cooked properly, which it is always been excellent. Not to happy with the driver attitude

Shreen, 23 Feb 2019

Great communication and listens to customers for perfection!

Naqeeba, 22 Feb 2019


Ahmed, 13 Feb 2019

Amazing food, very cooperative guys! Thank you for making double sure i get what i order, love y'all, will surely order someday soon

Szymon, 05 Feb 2019

Delivery was quicker than anticipated.

Rukiya, 02 Feb 2019

Favourite takeaway

Anisa, 02 Feb 2019

Very nice food. My Family loved it. Every dishes has its own different taste.

Shama, 29 Jan 2019

Food is amazing even after 85min delivery time, just wish the delivery time slot was quicker

Tasneem, 27 Jan 2019


Lauren, 23 Jan 2019

Great taste, quick delivery.. overall Brilliant

Majid Mohammed Khan, 20 Jan 2019

Fantastic, absolutely love this place

Andrew, 18 Jan 2019

Great service

Z, 14 Jan 2019

Great food, always fresh and steaming hot!

Simran, 12 Jan 2019

Very nice

Mustafa, 07 Jan 2019

Excellent service

Anas, 06 Jan 2019

The food was amazing. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for a quick and great service.

Safvana, 06 Jan 2019

I love it regular for me

Alfie, 04 Jan 2019

Topnotch must eat

Alfie, 04 Jan 2019

Absolutely love it

Tehseen, 28 Dec 2018

Really easy to use. Good clear options

Laura, 26 Dec 2018

very tasty

Alanod, 25 Dec 2018


Shiraaz, 24 Dec 2018

real good

Zeneera, 23 Dec 2018

It was very nice

Mustafa, 21 Dec 2018


Hassan, 18 Dec 2018

Delivery was super fast

Shiraaz, 15 Dec 2018

Always goes down well

Shiraaz, 15 Dec 2018

Lovely food! :)

Faiza, 10 Dec 2018


Ilyas, 07 Dec 2018


Ilyas, 07 Dec 2018

Food is tasty evrytime ..but until it comes home all the gravy dries up its a request to add more gravy all the time ...and the delivery time is too long ..plz be quick ..Thank u

Benazir, 05 Dec 2018

Delivery was very quick

Hassan, 02 Dec 2018

Tasty food kids love it

Samina, 01 Dec 2018

Love it best in Leicester !

Elizaveta, 09 Nov 2018

Very nice food

Mohammad, 07 Nov 2018

Excellent all round

Shiraaz, 05 Nov 2018

Always order Oodles for my team has a monthly treat and the standard and quality of food has always been consistent. Placing orders online is easy and pre-ordering has never been an issue as you get a confirmation phone call.

Sonia, 02 Nov 2018

good food but takes ages to deliver and always give me the wrong drink

Aman Gill, 28 Oct 2018

good food but takes ages to deliver

Aman Gill, 28 Oct 2018

Very quick delivery. Food nicely made.

Mohamed, 24 Oct 2018

Love Oodles!

Dawud, 22 Oct 2018

Excellent food, piping hot

Shiraaz, 20 Oct 2018

Order wasn’t ready we’ll after you said it would be

Faaiza, 19 Oct 2018

Can I pay by card instead at collection. If not then keep this as an option

Ermito, 16 Oct 2018

Great food, good service

Mariam, 14 Oct 2018

Thank you for the extra chicken but I really need to do a service for you cater for one person. An extra charge for that is suitable.

Safvana, 12 Oct 2018

always great service

Romanko, 11 Oct 2018

Ahmad, 09 Oct 2018

Amazingly tasty

Shiraaz, 09 Oct 2018

I order a lot from oodles and they never dissappoint me

Pprubina, 07 Oct 2018

Orders are very cheap

Toyam, 07 Oct 2018


Nafisha, 06 Oct 2018

Great food, I love the garlic chicken.

Hamza, 06 Oct 2018

Top quality friendly staff and good drivers

Nadeem, 05 Oct 2018


Arjun, 29 Sep 2018

Pretty good

Arjun, 29 Sep 2018

Delivery is really long but food is good so we don’t mind

Eva, 28 Sep 2018

Excellent food always order from here the food is expensive but it’s always on point top customer service always will be a valued customer they also do loyalty point as well

Sohail, 28 Sep 2018

Cannot fault

Hussein, 17 Sep 2018

Delivered before estimating time. Friendly delivery person and lovely food

Sam , 15 Sep 2018

Best noodles we always have

Muhammad, 09 Sep 2018

Food was very nice and arrived quicker than expected. Very polite and friendly delivery driver.

Claire, 06 Sep 2018

Amazing food

Umar, 04 Sep 2018

weve always had our food delivered hot and quick never jad a problem with e road o.n

Safiya, 02 Sep 2018

We already know we're gonna love our oodles order. Our fave go to place for lunch!

Paige, 25 Aug 2018

Good food Quick service

Arshdeep, 19 Aug 2018

Excellent all round

Shiraaz, 18 Aug 2018

Imraan, 18 Aug 2018

Very slow service.

Omer, 17 Aug 2018


Aasiyah, 17 Aug 2018

We order oodles every week, sometimes more. And we're just absolutely obsessed with the food! Every order is delicious and the customer service is always spot on. We love the new boxes too. Our delivery driver today was brill!

Paige, 13 Aug 2018

I’ve been ordering at this place for a very long time but it has never let me down. I give this place 5 stars

Abdulkarim, 11 Aug 2018

Very nice food, very nice service and very nice people.

Perdeep, 11 Aug 2018

Excellent all round

Shiraaz, 10 Aug 2018


Richa, 03 Aug 2018

Very good

Ismaeel Amin, 30 Jul 2018

Good service

Krushal, 29 Jul 2018

The dishes were quite spicy but they tasted amazing

Labhu, 26 Jul 2018

Brilliant service

Mark, 25 Jul 2018

speed up the cooking process and when an order is placed for collection, start the order when it comes through not when the person arrives at the store to pick it up

Hamza, 25 Jul 2018

Speedy, tasty, full of life

Mohsin, 21 Jul 2018

Delicious food

Syedaswaliha, 19 Jul 2018

Great food

Zayad, 19 Jul 2018

Excellent food and well worth it. Fresh, tasty and hot

Shiraaz, 17 Jul 2018

Thanks. I enjoyed it

Ahmad, 12 Jul 2018


Aman, 12 Jul 2018

Not bad delivery speed

Zayad, 11 Jul 2018

We love oodles!

Paige, 02 Jul 2018

it would be nice if the time was shortened and orders were faster

Fayyaz, 26 Jun 2018

The best takeout. The only takeout I eat.

Happy Customer , 26 Jun 2018

Good but expensive

Aanis, 24 Jun 2018

Brilliant food and service

Muhammad, 23 Jun 2018

Brilliant food and service

Muhammad, 23 Jun 2018

I was really surprised that the delivery was quick and it taste so amazing the only thing they need to improve is the menu is was quite confuses otherwise the service was excellent

Fatama, 23 Jun 2018

one of the best takeaway in Leicester

Dario, 22 Jun 2018

Amazing every time!

Rhi, 22 Jun 2018