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The food was delivered way before the delivery time, and the taste was amazing as per usual. 5 stars from me!

Moonisah Sheikh, 10Jun18

I like your food, just make your deliveries faster. Cheers.

Dominic, 04Jun18

customers should be able to see what they have ordered after placing order as currently we cannot see what we have ordered

Suhaib, 02Jun18

Ordered online but still have to wait over 10 mins

Hasan, 31May18

Ordered two times came earlier than the expected time on track your order thanks

N, 28May18

Delivery needs to be faster and service in restaurant streamlined

Alpa, 28May18

Make sure deliveries are on time

Alpa, 28May18


A, 28May18

Order delivered very quickly - thank you very much! Top service. :)

Timothy, 26May18

Very quick.. loved it :))

Aj, 24May18

Very quick and easy. Loved it

Aj, 24May18

Absolutly delicious! Long time for expecting delivery.

Justyna, 24May18

Great service and fantastic tasting food!

Richard, 12May18


Mouley Driss, 12May18

Delivery was a lot faster than the countdown showed. Countdown showed cooking but it was delivered nothing bad though.

Mustafa, 10May18

Lovely food

Joshua, 09May18

good food

Ahmad, 06May18

The best

Mirza, 05May18

Excellent food and service as always :)

Mebz, 01May18

very good

Hamir, 27Apr18

Great food, order it all the time. The only thing I think would be better is being allowed to choose how many points you want to redeem at a time. Thanks.

Simran, 25Apr18

Good food however delivery is very slow even at quiet times during the week I have waited over an hour

Saajida, 21Apr18

Lovely food...just what I needed...arrived a lot sooner than anticipated...well done oodles...

Lisa, 17Apr18

Was definitely worth it

Shiraaz, 16Apr18

Best food in town

Azar, 12Apr18

Excellent customer service

Mafaz, 12Apr18


Ammarah, 11Apr18


Robert, 09Apr18

Hi. Just received my order. Nice and hot. Thanks! Although... 2 of my custom orders do not have the rice in!!

N Ahmad, 07Apr18

I really like your noodles

Ummekulsum, 03Apr18


Raj, 02Apr18

On the website it sed 4minutes and my food will be ready when I went they started making my food then

Ismaeel, 31Mar18

Excellent food, delicious and delivered early

Shirav, 27Mar18

Excellent food, delicious and delivered early

Shiraaz, 27Mar18

BEST FOOD EVER! Myself I enjoy spicy food can eat anything spicy like it’s nothing doesn’t touch me! HOWEVER I had Singapore rice from here and it burnt my mouth throat and stomach after 16 mouthfuls and a glass of milk I surrendered! That isn’t a complaint as after all this time I was defeated by rice

Courtney Hart, 22Mar18

Nice food

Tyler, 21Mar18

Never comes late and great food for a good price definitely unique love it

Z, 18Mar18

i ordered my food 3 hours ago and it still hasn't turned up. "Weather conditions" is still acceptable because their location is a 15 minute drive from the house we are at. I love the food but delivery is terrible!

Elle Jordan, 17Mar18

Love it!

Shivani, 13Mar18


Sara, 12Mar18

It’s always a bit too spicy, but still the best food place for me, I love the options you get to choose from!

Beate, 11Mar18

Best food in leicester. Jus wish delivery was quicker as i love the food

Azar, 10Mar18

Excellent service

Sabina, 10Mar18

First time try

Naina, 09Mar18

Keep the service up!

Yusuf, 04Mar18

Hot Delish food - Large Boxes are very large so if you have a big appetite go for it!

Claire, 02Mar18

Please cancel my order for Tiago, I just noticed there’s no delivery. Sorry!

Tiago, 01Mar18

The food is very good and we order often..

Yasmin, 24Feb18

Great food.

Tasneem, 23Feb18


Florian, 19Feb18

Loyal Customer

Danyal, 19Feb18

Always good service and food.

Rahim, 17Feb18

Get a suffiecient amount in a box and different chixken flavours are good

Aisha, 14Feb18

Amazing work

Sean, 13Feb18

Good service came much sooner then expected

Sean, 13Feb18

Nice but slow delivery

Hassan, 13Feb18

Tahir always the best today he took no long to deliver fresh nice order of me as usual.

Danish, 09Feb18

Once you order online, it said 15 mins to be ready. But when you get to the shop after the 15 mins, Its not ready and a futher 15-30 mins wait. Best to be clear on the website that its 15 mins wait once you have reach the shop.

Farhana, 03Feb18


Misha, 03Feb18

Food is good but delivery very slow, could do with improvements there...

Ahmed, 03Feb18


Salmaan, 02Feb18

Good food, delivery fast thanks to Feroz.

Ali, 01Feb18

always a quick delivery very good service honest staff very friendly

Safiya , 30Jan18

Very impressed

Charisse, 28Jan18


Chekkie, 27Jan18

Food is very nice

Yasmin, 26Jan18

Food very nice

Yasmin, 26Jan18

Delicious as always

Isma, 18Jan18

I order oodles with both friends and family alike and although the food is delicious we can all agree the waiting time can be very very long. If the delivery method was sped up then this would be a great place to order from on any day of the week.

Razina, 16Jan18

Good food long wait time

Rahim, 14Jan18

Lovely food , slow service though.

Mali, 14Jan18

Lovely food enjoy it everytime ,its just the delivery is long aswell over an hour plus

Chekkie, 12Jan18

Sort out the delivery times please !!

John, 06Jan18


Ibrahim, 05Jan18


Ibrahim, 05Jan18

Really nice place and good food :-)

Ketan, 05Jan18

absolutely love the food its reallyyyyy good !!! would recommend it to my friends and family!! :D

Armeen, 04Jan18

Excellent food and service

Shiraaz, 01Jan18

Thank you, great amazing service as always.

Isma, 26Dec17

Good place

Simone, 26Dec17

Really quick and came in half the time it said it would

Jordan, 25Dec17

Quick and simple

Anjum, 23Dec17

Good food and quick delivery

Saarah, 23Dec17

Part of my order as wrong - gave me crispy prawn instead of chilli prawns

Mubeen, 21Dec17

Maybe you should cater for customers who do not like very spicy food. Especially for people who have conditions such as IBS. Otherwise, superb food.

Zaitoon, 20Dec17


Fayzul, 10Dec17

If it was quicker it'd be perfect

Abaan, 09Dec17

Good food but never ready on time given for collection time

Raj , 09Dec17


Omer, 09Dec17

I was very disappointed this time. It's the first time this happen. My 2nd box didn't have the spicy chips. Even on the box they didn't writ spicy chips. The box was for my wife. She was very upset and disasapointed. Just hope that next time they will read and give my order properly

Amman, 07Dec17

Tastes great but takes too damn long for delivery.

Aziz, 04Dec17

Food is delicious but service is very slow

Feizal, 30Nov17

Good food

Nicoleta, 30Nov17


Raj, 21Nov17


Raj, 21Nov17

I am so pleased I must mention the delivery boy he is so so kind and well manner boy! He has good customer services skills it’s easy to criticize but should encourage the good colleagues like him. I do not know how do u reward your colleagues and workers but he deserves something special from you guys to encourage him. He is very friendly.

Danish, 20Nov17


Sajeda, 19Nov17

Very tasty little expensive so not for every week

Faizal, 18Nov17

Great tasting food but took 1hr 45 mins for delivery!!

Suki, 17Nov17

speedy delivery

Fazila, 12Nov17